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Mike Wingrove's
farmers directories ca 1891
hwooo9.jpg (4697 bytes)WELLAND County

Ontario Canada


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Alphabetical Listing

The address given after each name is the Post Office Address

Abbreviations f freeholder g  Gore le  Lake Erie
bf  Broken Front   t Tenant nr Non Resident s  Spring

m  Mill

bfle Broken Front Lake Erie

nr Niagara River Ridge

lar Lake Shore Road

Adams John Ridgeway f bfle 30
Allen C A " t R 3
Allen I H International Bge f J 10
Allen J S Brantford f J 19
Allen T H International Bge f J 244
Allen W G " t C M
Anderson W A " f nr2 9
Andres W A Stone Quarry f le2 10
Anger Aaron Ridgeway f C 3
Anger Christ'n Stevensville t nr12 11
Anger David " f nr12 11
Anger Henry Ridgeway f nr11 4
Anger J N Buffalo f nr11 2
Anger Loran Ridgeway t r 22
Anger P H " f le2 29
Anger Samuel Buffalo f R 22
Anger Sarah A " f R 17
Anger Wm " f le3 25
Anthony E L International B f nr3 9
Anthony P W Ridgeway f R 5
Arch Thomas Amigari t nr1 5
Athoe John Ridgeway f ur11 2
Atkinson James Toronto f H 3
Atkinson John Brantford f H 3
Atwood E M Black Creek t J 245
Atwood T W International B t J 245
Auchinvole John Buffalo f nr1 9
Avery C H Ridgeway f R 1
Bachus Hanna Fort Erie f L 12
Backus Wm Amigari f nr1 5
Bacon Viola Buffalo f le2 22
Badger Henry Fort Erie f nr7 2
Badger Thos Garrison Road t nr6 5
Baer J L Sherkston f le2 35
Bailey J H Ridgeway f R 23
Baker Amanda Stevensville f nr13 10
Baker Benjamin Ridgeway f nr10 10
Baker Elisha Stevensville f nr13 11
Baker Em'l International B t C 19
Baker George Ridgeway f nr12 1
Baker George Stevensville f ur13 10
Baker Jeremiah " f ur12 11
Baker John Black Creek f le1 32
Baker Levi Stevensville f ur13 11
Baker Martin " f nr13 10
Baker Menno " f nr12 11
Baker M A " f ur11 13
Baker Solomon Ridgeway t ur10 10
Baker Wilson Stevensville f ur13 5
Ball Conway Buffalo f 2 6
Bardgett J W International B f N 7
Barnea N A " t nr2 5
Barnett L H " t J 5
Barney John Ridgeway f bfle 32
Barney Stephen Sherkston t le1 32
Barney Wm Ridgeway f bfle 31
Barnhart Abr'm Stevensville f nr13 15
Barnhart Benjamin Fort Erie f nr13 15
Barnhart Benj Stevensville f nr13 8
Barnhart Daniel Buffalo f ur11 11
Barnhart Henry Stevensville f nr13 15
Barnhart John " f nr11 10
Barnhart Jonas Ridgeway f le2 29
Barnhart J A " f le2 30
Barnhart Peter Stevensville f nr11 9
Barnhart S D " f nr13 9
Barrett R G Toronto f N B
Barry John Ridgeway t pa
Barton Jacob Stevensville f nr15 10
Barton J H " f nr15 10
Bauer Jacob Snyder f nr16 G
Bauer M J Netherby t nr16 G
Baxter Benjamin Fort Erie f nr8 4
Baxter Catharine Ridgeway f R 5
Baxter Edward " f le1 28
Baxter Edwy Fort Erie f nr8 4
Baxter Eliza Sherkston f D 15
Baxter Hannah Stone Quarry f le2 14
Baxter Jacob Cayuga f lsr 12
Baxter James Ridgeway f nr10 1
Baxter J H Stone Quarry t le2 14
Baxter Margaret Ridgeway t D 3
Baxter Samuel " f le3 21
Baxter Shannon Fort Erie f le3 3
Beach W E Stevensville f nr11 9
Beam Abraham " t nr14 10
Beam Aquilla " f nr12 13
Beam A B Black Creek f nr9 16
Beam Benjamin Stevensville f nr12 12
Beam B P Black Creek f nr9 16
Beam D S " f nr9 16
Beam Francis Stevensville t nr11 11
Beam Frank International B f J 237
Beam Gideon Black Creek f nr9 15
Beam Harriett Stevensville f nr11 11
Beam Henry " f nr15 14
Beam Josiah Buffalo f nr12 12
Beam J D Black Creek t nr11 11
Beam J F " f nr10 16
Beam J S Stevensville f nr16 14
Beam Mannesseh " f nr16 13
Beam Rebecca L Black Creek f nr9 16
Beam Solomon " f nr9 15
Beam S J Netherby f nr15 15
Bearss Asa Ridgeway f nr14 3
Bearss G E " f le3 22
Bearss John " t le2 28
Beeshey J A " f R 7
Benner Andrew ' f le2 28
Benner C G Amigari t nr2 5
Benner Ern't International B f D 120
Benner G N " t D 120
Benner J E Garrison Road f nr6 13
Benner J L Amigari f nr2 5
Benner J R Garrison Road f le3 4
Benner J W " t nr4 2
Benner Philip Ridgeway f le3 26
Benner P E Garrison Road f bfle 5
Benner P I " f nr6 13
Benner W A " t nr4 3
Benner W H " f nr4 2
Berry Ann R Buffalo f D 17
Best E C Ridgeway f D 12
Bethume John Interational Bridge f N 10
Bews Wm " f C 8
Biggins Wm " t nr5 11
Bird John Ridgeway f M 6
Bird W A " f M 9
Bitner Christian Mulgrave f nr16 6
Bitner C J " f nr14 5
Bitner Elliott " f nr16 6
Blackall Wm Amigari t nr2 5
Blair W P Ridgeway t R 5
Booth Charles Buffalo f G 2
Bossert A J Ridgeway f nr13 1
Bossert Martin ' f nr13 1
Bossert Michael " f le2 23
Bowen Adeline Iinternational Bridge f nr5 8
Bowen E A " f nr5 8
Bowen John Buffalo f lsr 1
Bowen Joseph Amigari t nr1 5
Bowen J G L Ridgeway t C 12
Bowen Mary Amigari f nr1 5
Bowen M A Ridgeway t bfle1 15
Bowen Robert International Bridge f nr5 9
Bowen W A " t nr5 8
Bowen W W Ridgeway f nr10 4
Bown Robert Amigari t nr1 5
Bown Thomas " f nr2 3
Box Harry Ridgeway f R 7
Box Sophia " f R 7
Brackbill John " f bfle 24
Brackbill W D " t bfle 24
Brewster Nathaniel " f R 12
Brigg H A Buffalo f D 9
Briggs John International Bridge f J 243
Bright Harry Ridgeway f e2 17
Bright John International Bridge f nr2 5
Brillinger Mary J Stevensville f nr10 15
Brillinger Nancy " f nr10 15
Brillinger Nathaniel " f nr10 15
Bromwick Rich International Bridge t C G
Brown Joseph Fort Erie t nr2 5
Brown Robert Amigari f nr2 6
Brown Thomas Ridgeway t /r 29
Brown Wm International Bridge f J 195
Brown W J Port Robinson f nr8 11
Brunning Margaret Snyder f nr16 G
Brunning Mathias Netherby t nr16 G
Bruso Mary Fort Erie f V 4
Buck C F Ridgeway t D 6
Buck Edmund " t le2 20
Buck J W Rainham f le2 32
Buck J W Ridgeway f nr13 2
Buck Mary " f D 6
Buck Mary Sherkston f le3 34
Buck Wm " t le3 34
Buck W W Ridgeway f nr7 4
Buell J S Buffalo f le2 12
Burger Benjamin " f J 241
Burger E L Netherby f nr16 16
Burger George Ridgeway f bfle 14
Burger George " f le3 23
Burger G H Buffalo f bfle 10
Burger Jacob Stevensville f nr10 9
Burger John " f nr16 8
Burger Wm Ridgeway f bfle 14
Burk G H International Bridge t nr5 5
Burk J H Ridgeway t le3 30
Butler Michael " t le1 23
Byrnes W H Buffalo f bfle 6
Cain Jeremiah Ridgeway f D 23
Calvert Wm International Bridge f nr1 4
Campbell  Don Stone Quarry t le1 14
Campbell Jane Brantford f A 1
Campbell J A Stone Quarry t le2 13
Canavan John Toronto f nr1 6
Cann Wm International Bridge f C B
Carr Charles " t L 5
Carter Henry Stevensville f nr16 9
Carver Uriah " f nr13 11
Casey Abraham Sherkston f bfle 17


Chambers Wm Fort Erie f V 7
Chambers Wm jr " f D 4
Chase W B International Bridge f J 223
Cheeney I J Buffalo f le2 26
Choate E T Ridgeway f R 9
Clark Joseph Stevensville f nr12 12
Clark Sarah N Fort Erie f H 14
Clark Rich International Bridge f J 207
Clark Robert Stevensville f nr11 11
Clark R A " t nr12 11
Clark Wm Ridgeway f le3 28
Clark W J Stevensville f nr9 9
Clause Charles Ridgeway f bfle 22
Clause Daniel " t bfle 23
Clause Frederick " t bfle 23
Clause Henry " t bfle 22
Clause Jacob " f bfle 23
Claydon Jane St Thomas f nr12 8
Claydon John Amigari f nr1 5
Climenhage Benj Stevensville f nr10 7
Climenhage Christian " f nr11 11
Climenhage Daniel " f nr11 13
Climenhage David ' f nr10 11
Climenhage D A Sherkston t G 35
Climenhage Moses Stevensville f nr10 13
Climenhage Nat Ridgeway f E 4
Climenhage P m Stevensville f nr11 11
Cline Nicholas ' f nr2 13
Clough R H Sherkston f nr1 5
Colcleugh Geo International Bridge t D 125
Colcleugh Malcolm " t nr1 6
Collier C W Buffalo f nrx 2
Collver Michael Stevensville f nr12 11
Connolly B J International Bridge t C L
Copp W J Hamilton f nr12 12
Coulthurst A A Amigari f nr1 5
Coulthurst Edwin " f nr1 5
Cowan Thos International Bridge f D 121
Cowherd Abram Amigari t nr1 5
Creese Melissa Lindsay f le2 23
Cregor Geo Ridgeway f nr7 4
Cregor J E International Bridge f nr5 9
Cregor Peter Stevensville f nr7 12
Critz Joseph Snyder f nr12 16
Cronmiller G International Bridge f nr6 6
Cronmiller Henry " t nr6 6
Crowell W H H Buffalo f D 9
Cruickshank Ernest Ft Erie f nr3 1
Cunningham S Ridgeway t bfle 24
Curtis W L Fort Erie f nr2 5
Cutler Ann Ridgeway f le3 29
Cutler Arthur Ridgeway f R 50
Cutler Deett " f R C
Cutler Eber " f pg
Cutler Homer " f le3 20
Cutler Inez " f R C
Cutler James ' f R 13
Cutler Joseph " f le2 23
Cutler Launcelot " f le3 31
Cutler Mary " f R C
Damback Esther Fort Erie f le3 1
Damback E W " t le3 1
Danner Albert Stevensville f nr12 12
Davis Owen Ridgeway t R 33
Davis Wellington Sherkston t nr8 4
Davis W H Buffalo f 5 2
Davfison Jonathan Ridgeway f E 11
Dean Benjamin Stevensville f nr11 10
Dean Charity Snyder f nr14 16
Dean I J " t nr14 16
Dean John Stevensville f nr11 11
Dell Barney International Bridge f nr1 8
Dennahower George " t J 238
Dennahower Jac Ridgeway t nr7 11
Dennahower John sr " f nr7 11
Dennahower J J " f nr7 11
Detenbeck E J Stevensville f nr9 12
Detenbeck Michael " f nr11 12
Detterling Abraham Ridgeway f le2 24
Dickinson T V Buffalo f 5 2
Dickout E A " f le2 30
Dickout Phoeba " f R F
Diebolt B " f nr1 5
Disher Benjamin Ridgeway f /r 9
Disher Byron " t le2 15
Disher Enos Ridgeway f le2 15
Disher E O " t le3 16
Disher John " t D 21
Disher Ralph " f le1 23
Disher W B " t R 9
Doan E W International Bridge t J 12
Dodge Leonard Buffalo f E 8
Dougall James Fort Erie f nr1 5
Dougher Wm Ridgeway t L e
Douglas Agnes Buffalo f nr2 2
Douglas Wm Fort Erie f nr2 1
Doner W J International Bridge f nrx 6
Dunmead Jane Amigara t nr2 5
Dunn F J Ridgeway f C 6
Dunn H W Amigara f nr3 5
Dunn W A Buffalo f nr1 8

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